Who doesn’t LOVE a good Bucket Drumming activity? Especially one to be played along with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Wizards in Winter”!!!

This piece can easily be used with 2nd-6th grade is:

  • In pdf format for ease of use with projectors etc.
  • Can be printed
  • All you need is a bucket and sticks.

In fact, you could easily use hand drums placed on tables or on the floor and use chopsticks. You could use pencils and desks. Any means you can think of to achieve a percussive sound!

Along with your pdf, you will have access to TWO instructional videos: 1) How to teach it, and 2) Full performance demonstration.

This piece is not Christmas specific, and it can be used as a neutral holiday (or non-holiday) activity. It quickly became a FAVORITE.

Truth told, one year my first hour class begged to play it in May on the last day of school, and I ended up doing it the rest of the day because each class could hear the previous one playing it as they came to music. In May. Who knew?!

Did I mention it was MAY???

This is definitely one you’ll want to add to your “go to” repertoire. It’s a crowd-pleaser for programs, favorite for students, and easy to teach for teachers.


Most Music teachers create lesson templates because a regular “fancy teacher planner/calendar” doesn’t work for us. We have rotation schedules that don’t fit the normal homeroom class situation, and they never have enough space for our plans.

Enter my MUSIC LESSON PLANNER! This planner allows you to write on it from your iPad in the Goodnotes app and it looks and feels just like a paper planner helping to “lock” things your memory. You can easily bring it with you to the floor for stories, games, and centers.

Specials teachers (Music, STEAM, ART, PE etc) see A LOT of students. That means we have MANY MODIFICATIONS for individual students. I never have liked the idea of keeping confidential files in a file folder in a drawer where anyone could get to it. So, when I created this planner, I kept that in mind. You can enter condensed information from forms to the included IEP & 504 pages in the planner, and only you have access to them. They aren’t vulnerable to wandering eyes. You can look at the info you need and be reminded of modifications with just a couple of clicks.

Stickers are included to make your planner unique to you! Simply “lasso” them, copy & paste onto the planner page. Add as many seating charts, lesson plan pages, and other pages into the outline to accommodate the amount of students you serve. Find a video on how I use the planner on, or Instagram @okiejamsp, or Facebook at OkiEJam.

This fabulous MUSIC TEACHER planner:

· Is specifically geared to music teachers with things we use and not a lot of extras that we don’t need

· Is geared toward “one-time purchase” because it is not dated for a specific year

· Allows you to add as many pages to your outline within the GoodNotes app as you want

· Allows you to add decorative stickers to embellish pages

· Can Link important contact information or link webpages to plans

· Can Export a single page or pages to pdf to email to a student teacher, or administrator

· Can create more Detailed lesson plans that can be linked to the Lesson Overview page

· Has Quick Links page as an index

· Has Seating Charts with assignment tables or alternative blank pages

· Has Note-taking pages including grids, dots, manuscript/staff paper, blank, lined, to-do list,

· Has class rotation schedule, daily schedule, (where you can add duties along with class scheduling info) and Year Overview (where you can quickly jot-down district dates)

· Professional Development log

· Calendars