Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan Overview Page

I got an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil about four years ago to use with conducting my choir.  I loved the idea of using something that was so versatile (in that) I could easily carry the iPad in my bag and not have a bulky binder full of music and I could make annotations for my accompanist and intern directly on the music then email them before rehearsals. Absolutely lovely! 

Using the iPad became more and more a part of my routine.  I slowly began adding more things in the music classroom to the iPad, like a new song I wanted to teach, a story, a program with script etc.  (All the things!)

But… then there was still my lesson planner. I found that my brain was much better at remembering things I write down vs. things I type.  So, I continued to print out my lesson plan template for my classes, and write on it, then use the xerox to make copies for my admin and so on.  I never thought I could get used to anything digital where planning was concerned. 

Most music teachers create lesson templates because a regular “fancy teacher planner/calendar” doesn’t work for us. We have rotation schedules that don’t fit the normal homeroom class situation, and they never have enough space for our plans.

Then the idea for a MUSIC LESSON PLANNER was born! I could plan on the iPad by writing on it, bring it to the circle for a game, throw something on the overhead, and cut/paste things into the planner as well.

PLUS…. Who doesn’t love Flair pens?  You KNOW you love them.  The fact that I can change the color of my pens, highlight things, copy/paste stickers and post-its, clips and other pages to my calendars and plans is an added bonus.

Detailed Lesson Page

One of my favorite features is the Sub Info page.  I can store all my favorite subs’ contact info on one page and click the email link that is automatically created when I enter their email in GoodNotes app. Then I can click the link that automatically opens an email document for ease in contact that sub for help.  I can copy & paste to send a text message from the Apple Messages app right from the iPad too!

Specials teachers (Music, STEAM, ART, PE etc) see A LOT of students.  That means we have MANY MODIFICATIONS for individual students.  I never have liked the idea of keeping confidential files in a file folder in a drawer where anyone could get to it.  So, when I created this planner, I kept that in mind. I can enter condensed information from official documents to the included IEP & 504 pages, and only I have access to them. They aren’t vulnerable to wandering eyes.  I can look at the info I need and be reminded of modifications with just a couple of clicks.

This fabulous MUSIC TEACHER planner:

  • Is specifically geared to music teachers with things we use and not a lot of extras that we don’t need
  • Is geared toward “one-time purchase” because it is not dated for a specific year
  • Is able to add as many pages to your outline within the GoodNotes app as you want
  • Is able to add decorative stickers to embellish pages
  • Can Link important contact information or link webpages to plans
  • Can Export a single page or pages to pdf to email to a student teacher, or administrator
  • Can create more Detailed lesson plans that can be linked to the Lesson Overview page
  • Has Quick Links page as an index
  • Has Seating Charts with assignment tables or alternative blank pages
  • Has Note-taking pages including grids, dots, manuscript/staff paper, blank, lined, to-do list, 
  • Has class rotation schedule, daily schedule, (where you can add duties along with class scheduling info) and Year Overview (where you can quickly jot-down district dates)
  • Professional Development log
  • Calendars 
Customizable Calendar
How I use Music Lesson Planner in GoodNotes app

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